We are specialized in the transport of radioactive and sensitive materials.

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Fisrt holding company of the Radio Pharma Logistics Group, founded in 2005, we are specialized in « just in time the same day ». Strongly customer oriented, our headquarter is located nearby the Lille Eurasanté campus. We focus our logistics activities on radioactive and radiopharmaceutical materials transportations for first class customers domestically and globally.

Security and commitments

We ship nuclear material for pharmaceutical laboratories, research centers or industrial sector customers.

In accordance with the ADR regulation we also organize class 7 transportations. We daily ship hundreds of UN2915, UN2910 or UN2908 packages from cyclotrons and production sites to hospital’s nuclear medicine departments.

To achieve this large number of operations, we use a fleet of 200 vehicles driving from our 20 strategically located platforms in France.

Air and road class 7 transportations commissioner

in numbers


Such as the ISOVital teams’ cumulated years of logistics experience in the radiopharmaceutical and nuclear materials transportation.

Such as the number of millions kilometers our vehicles travel every year.

Such as the number of our customers.

Such as the number of thousands hours spent in training by our staff (INSTN, ADR, PCR, Security and Quality training programs…).

Certification and conformity

ISOVital strictly follows the applicable regulation and is  ISO 9001 certified for radioactive materials transportation since 2006 and certified for the 2015 version of the norm since 2017.

ISOVital is also member of the EITA network.


Our news

16 January 2019
Nuclear Medicine/ Radiopharmaceutical/Logistic

Loos, France, RLG Headquarter, January 15th 2019:

Radiopharma Logistics Group (RLG); Isotopes Service International restructuring successfully completed, 11 Million treated patients, thanks to RLG in 2018.


Acquired by Isovital in sept 2017 while it was in a complex situation, the Belgian company « Isotopes Service International » restructuring was successfully completed at the end of 2018.


In 2018, more than 11,2 million patients received their medicine thanks to the Radiopharma Logistics Group companies’ actions (IsoVital, IsoLife, Isotopes Service International) and this number will continue to rise in 2019.


Philippe Sueur, Isovital President stated: « To serve our customers thanks to our partners and employees, the three Radiopharma Logistics Group companies successfully completed thousands of sensitive operations for patients in 2018.  In a radiopharmaceutical market always better structured and more robust, 2019 begins on the same trend as last year. Thanks to effective synergies between our three companies, we can offer our customers a vast multimodal transport service that meets their national and international needs».


Radio Pharma Logistics Group (RLG) consists in the following companies: Isovital, Isolife and Isotopes Services International (ISI). The RLG group companies are specialized in the transportation of radiopharmaceuticals and sensitive materials for national and international companies. Since their foundation in 2005, Isovital and Isolife have had a constant and remarkable evolution. At the end of 2017, RLG has expanded in Belgium with Isotope Service International (ISI) acquisition. In 2018, more than 11 million patients received their care thanks to the actions of the RLG companies.








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