Class 7 air and road transportations commissionner

We ship nuclear material for pharmaceutical laboratories, research units and industrial sector customers. In accordance to the ADR regulation we also organize class 7 transportations. We daily ship hundreds of UN2915, UN2910 or UN2908 packages form cyclotrons and production sites to hospitals’ nuclear medicine departments.

To achieve this large number of operations, we use a fleet of 200 vehicles navigating from our 20 platforms strategically located in France.

Class 7 air and road transportations commissionner

Security commitments & obligations

The transport security

We also benefit from our 24/7 operation center. Able to react immediately in case of incident or accident, our teams are directly connected with the safety and security authorities. Our emergency procedures also include a safety plan enabling us to promptly react and respect delivery schedule.

In conformity with the ADR regulation, all of our vehicles are equipped with radio which allows us to join our drivers at any time. Moreover, all our drivers are personally registered on formal document verified and known by our customers.

Our commissioner obligations

In complete respect of our commissioner obligations, our staff is trained for radioactive and sensitive transportations (ADR and IATA transport). We also benefit from our security expert (Class 2 and 9 or the ADR), and from our radioprotection and security experts and advisors (experts and PCR).

The strict respect of the contract regulations and the best practices relating to the shipped material is also part of our obligations and commitments.

This service is dedicated to customers of the RLG group that we invite to email to get their individual and confidential access codes.